Charity Responsibilities

Charity Responsibility and Information

Participation requires:

Charity must be registered with the CRA and be in good standing,

Board of Directors provides a signed approval (generally managed through a letter of intent indicating that the Board approves of the charities involvment with Synergy and committment to fully participating in the process),

Attendance at all meetings, retreat trainings and partnerhip meetings,

Linking of all marketing and promotional activities including web, twitter, facebook etc.

Monthly Showcase requires: 

Commitment to selling a minimum of 80 tickets to your featured showcase night.

When selling tickets, charity reps must ensure they collect information specific to patron accessibility needs. The Rowing Club is wheel chair accessible however, the room is limited. To craft a seating chart and ensure the safety of every patron, knowledge of any accessibility needs i.e. number of patrons in a wheelchair etc., is required prior to the showcase taking place. 

A seating chart will be emailed to the charity rep(s) the Sunday before the Tuesday showcase. The seating chart will indicate who has what tables and where i.e. charity for the night has tables 1,2,3 while Synergy has tables 4,5,6 etc. The knowldege of accessibility needs is therefore critical to ensure table placement can accomodate mobility needs. Any questions regarding the seating chart should be directed to Yvonne –

Provision of 8 to 12 Volunteers from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm (can be in shifts i.e. 5:30 to 7:30, 8:00 to 10:00) to assist with seating, serving and after show tear down.

Provision of 10 to 15 door prizes valued from $25 to $50. Included with door prizes should be a list which identifies what each prize is and the number associated with each prize i.e. 1) Bottle of Wine, 2) Movie Pass for 2 etc. The list will be used by the show host when announcing prize winners and can also be attached to table signage (8.5 x 11) - Please note all monies raised from the door prize draw goes directly to support Synergy and the cost of putting on the showcase. On average this amount is between $800 and $1000

If doing more than one fundraising element at the showcase i.e. silent auction, wine draw, cup cake draw, 50/50 etc., please remember that the secondary fundraiser must not detract from revenue made through door prize ticket sales. If this occurs, the charity will be expected to cover any differential loss. We know every charity wants to raise as much money as they can during the showcase, however when too many "asks" are made the charity runs the risk of being perceived as disengenuious. 

What we know works best i.e. most successful at raising additional money and sensitive to understanding patrons only have so money to give, is to host a maximum of two additional fundraising activities i.e. door prize raffle and silent auction etc.  You have choice with respect to what additional fundraising activities you want to do. This just needs to be coordinated with Synergy prior to your showcase night. Remember, if you don’t do the door prize raffle, then it will be expected that monies raised from one of your fundraising activities be given to Synergy. The amount will be determined in consultation with Synergy prior to the showcase.

Please have a representative available at your night who can speak for up to a minute about the organization and the work being completed. Let Yvonne know who will be talking so proper introductions can be made by the show host.

The Rowing Club maintains state of the art audio equipment, if you require the use of said equipment charity rep(s) must contact Yvonne prior to your showcase night to request such. Please note the Vancouver Rowing Club typically assigns a service fee for the use of its audio equipment, however every effort will be made to have this fee waived. If the fee can’t be waived the charity will be responsible for paying the service fee.

You are welcome to place promotional material on the tables. Any other signage including posters etc, needs to be coordinated with Yvonne from Synergy prior to your showcase night to meet Vancouver Rowing Club regulations. Please note, the Vancouver Rowing Club does not permit the use of tape to post information on their walls.  

If wanting to decorate the Rowing Club, please contact Yvonne prior to your showcase night to discuss and confirm what can or can’t be accommodated as per Vancouver Rowing Club regulations.

If wanting to bring item(s) that require refrigeration i.e. a cake, please contact Yvonne prior to your showcase night to determine if the request can be accommodated.


At the Fall working partnership retreat charities complete planning for the upcoming Just Singin Round Monthly Showcase Season.

Planning involves but is not limited too:

  • Establishment of learning goals and outcomes, 
  • Selection of evalutation tool(s) to support outcome achievement, 
  • Review of showcase structures and proceedures, 
  • Mentorship opportunities, 
  • Training topics for retreat, 
  • Selection of featured showcase month,
  • Suggested donation pricing, 
  • Volunteer needs, etc.
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